Tanzania Luxury Tented Camp Safari

A luxury tented safari most of times is a spectacular for or five star safari camps designed to exceed your expectations. Most of them are seasonal mobile camps that moves 4-5 times each year to be in the best possible location to view the Serengeti Wildebeest Migration.

Inspired by the simplicity of the landscape in which it rests, the tented camp is an inviting oasis where indulgently comfortable interiors integrate seamlessly with the raw African beauty outside.

Mobile fly camp

A private, mobile camp, packed up and pitched on a fresh patch of wild park each day. Tents are usually small and fairly basic.

Semi-permanent tented lodge

A camp constructed with large, luxurious, semi-permanent tents; you will not witness their 'mobility'! The camp is prepared before the arrival of guests, and will not move during your stay. The benefit of the semi-permanent camps is that they pitch according to the seasonal position of the migrating herds, setting you right at the heart of the action. Not necessarily private to your group.

Tented Camp / Lodge

A tented camp or lodge is a permanent structure, in which accommodation is under canvas. Most 'tents' have solid wooden floors set on a concrete base, and proper bathrooms with a flush toilet and running water. The central bar and restaurant area is usually a fully solid structure.