Tanzania Budget Camping Safari

Tanzania Budget Camping Safari - Tanzania Camping Safari inside the National Parks!

Do you want to experience the “Wild Africa” in an authentic way? A camping safari is for you! Tanzania Budget camping safari packages are the most pocket friendly compared to Tanzania lodge safari packages or Tanzania Luxury safari Packages. Many of our visitors choose to stay in tents in order to be close to nature and to the National Parks’ beautiful landscapes.

African Savannah Trekkers clients who choose this option will have their tents assembled for them each evening and collapsed again in the morning by our staff, with the tents being packed away and stored on the vehicle, for use again the following evening. Tanzania budget Camping safaris are rewarding experiences because visitors feel like they’re participating in a real African adventure, but still have all the services of safari drivers, guides, and a chef to take care of all their needs. while on camping safari you will have a chef who will be preparing delicious fresh foods for breakfast, Lunch and dinner.

An amazing Experience: We regularly receive feedback from guests that they were surprised to be able to enjoy such high levels of service and care, and that the experience was a great deal more comfortable than they anticipated! In the camping safari, tents, mattresses, sleeping bags, chairs, tables, cooking wear and other camping equipment are provided by Tanzania Savannah Trekkers.

Thinking about safety while camping inside the national parks with wild animals? Well be assured that it’s very safe as we have armed rangers patrolling and guarding the campsites at all times.

Standard Camping Safaris:

Enjoy the encounters of the game drive in a 4x 4 open roof safari vehicle, and budget camping in the dome tent, feel the untamed spirit of your roots as you will be bush camping and exploring the wilderness under the African stars in a dome tent camping and commune with traditional African, Tanzania cultural. The evening is spent around the camp fire listening to the sound of the dark African night – the distant roar of Lion and the doleful, whooping, “laugh” of the Hyena. All the safari camping tents are prepared for you by our safari crew and meals are prepared over a campfire by our professional camp cook.

What to expect in Tanzania Standard Camping Safari:
  • Shared bathroom facilities.
  • A tasty meal prepared by our camping chef from a planned safari menu, the menu is usually wholesome, simple food.
  • The Choice of being fully involved in daily camp life
  • Staff and supplies travelling with the guests in a same vehicle
  • Budget safari participation involves guest more intensive in the challenging but rewarding life of a nomad, providing a very unique experience.