Olpopongi Maasai Village cultural excursion

0800 Hours: Our Masai Cultural Village Arusha Day Tour departs Arusha or Moshi and drive to west Kilimanjaro. The 1.5 Hours drive will takes you through the beautiful countryside of West Kilimanjaro.

Depending on the season you will see wild animals like zebras and elephants. On clear days you will have amazing views of Mount Kilimanjaro and Mount Meru. The Olpopongi Masai village involves more than 50 Masai women and men from the nearby Tinga-Tinga Masai-Village. This is the best place where you can see and experience the Masai culture and lifestyle.

All houses are built the traditional way with local and natural materials only similar to those ones of the nearby Masai village. There are four English speaking Masai guides with whom you will spend a full day at Olpopongi touring the museum and village.

1000 Hours: Upon arrival you are welcomed by the local Masai with a traditional welcome song and dance. From there we take a walk around the village with the guides and also visit the precious little museum, where you will learn about the history, social organization and tools of Masai people.

1200 Hours: In-between this lecture a traditional Tanzanian lunch will be served to give you enough energy for an exciting afternoon.

1300 Hours: After lunch we visit the midwife and herbalist for a traditional tea in one of the huts. You will learn about the everyday life in a Masai village.

After this very spiritual meeting, we have a short break, which you can use for some traditional jewellery shopping or coffee and tea. You can buy authentic Masai souvenirs which are produced by the local Masai women.

After tea we embark on a bush walk to learn about the endemic plants and their usage for the Masai. Our day will be rounded up with a fire making session.

1700 Hours: Approximate driving time 1 hour from West Kilimanjaro till Moshi or Arusha.

1800 Hours: Arrive back at your residence.