+255 710 160 161 info@africantrekkers.com
+255 710 160 161 info@africantrekkers.com

Community Development


African Savannah Trekkers has been understanding the importance of sharing and giving to the community, in which we are part of. We have been donating to the community in different sectors.


African savannah Trekkers, in recognition of the government’s policy in ensuring that Education is a priority in all Tanzania societies, we have been donating to schools in Rural and marginalized societies.

Our Education support is aiming at helping the disadvantaged and those in need, in schools and different societies.


We have been giving a priority by supporting individuals in the local community, who seek and require medical attention. African Savannah trekkers has made arrangements of having  a list and the corresponding bills for the unable patient, which will make possible for the needy to be able to access medical services.

African Savannah Trekkers, through giving to the community, is aiming economic and social challenges in the country by partnering with local  communities to support education, health services, women empowerment and other sustainable community development initiatives.

We are striving towards developing long lasting relationships with our local communities and the government who are our major partners, to overcome their social and economic hardships.