Tanzania Safari Holidays - your gateway to the African bush

A safari is a journey. This is the meaning of the word in Swahili, the language of East Africa. Your journey into Africa starts with us. When you join us on safari you will be met at the airport, taken to a hotel or a central meeting point and briefed before you set off. You will be transported in a well-maintained, clean Toyota LandCruiser 4×4 safari vehicle, driven by a professional local guide in areas that will leave you breathless with wonder and excitement. You will search for the ‘Big Five’ – buffalo, elephant, leopard, lion and rhino – and will be amazed by the sheer beauty of grass-covered savannahs, extinct volcanoes and rare birds. You will see animals, landscapes and flowers and you will meet the local people and taste local food.

Tanzania has three safari circuits and each one of them would make Tanzania a top wildlife destination. The popular Northern circuit with the Serengeti and Ngorongoro crater offers one of the best classical safaris in Africa, especially if timed with the annual wildebeest migration.

Go in search of the thundering herds of the legendary wildebeest migration on a wildlife safari in Tanzania. Experience the power of the migration up close in the vast savannas of the northern or southern Serengeti, depending on the season. Take in extraordinary vistas of the Great Rift Valley, and descend into the Ngorongoro Crater to spot lions, cheetahs, elephants, and more.

Types of Safari: Budget Camping / First Class Safari / Deluxe Safari / Luxury Safari

We offers various safari types in Tanzania depending on your budget and preference. The differences between a budget versus a deluxe safari are the quality and location of accommodations; quality and number of included activities (which are hidden in the final safari cost); size of the safari tour group; and the level of personalized service. See our options below;

Tanzania Safari types;

Budget Camping Safari

Do you want to experience the African bush in an adventure way? A camping safari is for you! Tanzania Budget camping safari packages are the most pocket friendly compared to Tanzania lodge safari or Tanzania Luxury safari.
Budget camping safaris are for people who like to experience East Africa off the beaten track while camping in remote and less explored areas together with or without other participants.

Luxury Lodge Safari

Unlike camping safari, Our Tanzania Luxury Lodge Safari (Deluxe) will offer you comfort in safari lodges inside the Tanzania national parks or at the outskirts providing the level of comfort to be higher compared to spending overnights in public budget Tanzania camping.
If you are looking for ultimate indulgence, relaxing white sand and calming blue sea, in addition to adventurous safari activities, then African Savannah Trekkers is the perfect choice for you. We promise to deliver you the ultimate full experience and a safari of a lifetime; we are the experts of luxury lodge safari.

Luxury Tented Camps Safari

A luxury tented safari most of times is a spectacular for or five star safari camps designed to exceed your expectations. Most of them are seasonal mobile camps that moves 4-5 times each year to be in the best possible location to view the Serengeti Wildebeest Migration.
Inspired by the simplicity of the landscape in which it rests, the tented camp is an inviting oasis where indulgently comfortable interiors integrate seamlessly with the raw African beauty outside.

Serengeti Hot Air Balloon Safari

Join us in an extraordinary adventure. Float in a hot air balloon over the famous Serengeti National Park with its enchanting scenery and vistas.
This may be the most beautiful area in the world for a balloon flight. There are no power lines, fences and few roads. Our capacity is limited making this experience a special and exclusive one.

Tanzania Cultural Excursions

Cultural tours allows visitors to experience authentic, indigenous cultures by combining nature, scenery, folklore, rituals, art & crafts, ceremonies, dances and local hospitality of Tanzania to give a unique perspective into the daily lives of the local people, simultaneously allowing them to experience the wildlife safari in Tanzania and Zanzibar holidays has to offer.
Experience the charm of the friendly Tanzanian people first-hand. There are several cultural heritage sites scattered throughout the country where you can spend from ½ day to a week with one of the 120 distinct ethnic groups making up the population.

Tanzania Day Trip Safaris

If you’ve got a few extra days in Tanzania you’ll love our safari day trips leaving from either Moshi or Arusha. We offer a variety of options at various prices from these prime tourist destinations.
Our Tanzania day trips start from Arusha, Moshi or Marangu. The excursions are ideal: in a short time, you can visit the national park by observing the great diversity of wildlife or experience the everyday life of the indigenous people of Tanzania. At the end of the day trip, you can choose if you want to be dropped off at Kilimanjaro International Airport, at Arusha Airport or at your hotel.

Tanzania Walking Safaris

Tanzania classifies its wild areas in different ways, each with different rules - meaning that the practices, and standards, of walking safaris differ widely. We have some first-rate walking safaris in Tanzania, with great guides - chosen, as usual, by seeing them first hand. Some of the real stars are the walking safaris done on fly-camping trips.
Walking safaris can be anything from a half day to an expedition over several days. If you can, take the chance to experience the African bush on foot. Here are our pick of the best places to walk in Tanzania.

Serengeti / Masai Mara Wildebeest Migration

See it to believe it: the Serengeti/Masai Mara wildebeest migration delivers non-stop action, predators & dramatic river crossings. The migration itself can be unpredictable, but here’s one thing you can bank on: You’ll come home a different person than when you left.
Picture it: Thousands upon thousands of hooves stampeding across the streams and grasslands of the Serengeti in search of grazing grounds. Now imagine yourself live and on the scene as one of nature’s greatest events unfolds right before your eyes.