Tanzania General Information

Helpful safari information that will make your Tanzania safari more enjoyable:

Tanzania Visa

Luckily UK and US citizens can get it at point of entry (at the international airports at Kilimanjaro, Dar Es Salaam). It will cost you 50 USD. Citizens of other countries may have to get the visa prior to departure - but it isn't usually a problem. Check with your country's authorities. In order to get your visa you will need an International Health Card with Yellow fever vaccination noted on it. That is rarely looked at. You will need sufficient funds to be in the country (rarely asked of Westerners) and you will need a return ticket to country of origin (also rarely requested).


USD are widely accepted in Tanzania. There are also ATMs where you can get Tanzanian money.

Safety and Security

Be sensible and practical. Would you do this back in your own country? Tanzania is for the most part safe and enjoyable.

Health Tips

There are precautions to take before you arrive here and some things to do after you get here. Bring mosquito repellent (also good for Teztze flies). We recommend Deet. Also make sure you have jabs for Tetanus, Diptheria, Typhoid, Polio and Yellow Fever before you come.

Cell Phones

Tri-band phones work fine in Tanzania. You can buy a local SIM card on arrival if you want cheaper local minutes.

Internet Access

You can access at one of the many Internet cafe's that you will find in Arusha, Dar Es Salaam and most larger Tanzanian cities and places where tourists travel.

Electrical Current and Plugs

240 volts is the voltage in Tanzania and you will need a UK plug. You can buy a converter plug that will make your appliance fit locally.