Responsible Travel

Corporate Social Responsibility

African Savannah Trekkers's feet-on-the-ground approach is unique in the tourism industry. Every departure is backed by a handpicked staff in our office in Arusha, Tanzania. Our full-time staff members are on call every day (and night) to ensure that each stop on your journey meets highest standard of quality. As well as ensuring your comfort, our deep-rooted connections in every destination allow us to reveal local experiences not available to ordinary travellers. From exotic dining opportunities to unforgettable encounters with friendly locals, we can arrange the kind of privileged access that sets your journey beyond all others.

At African Savannah Trekkers, we strongly believe in giving back to the community that we operate in. It is therefore of prime importance to us that we place consideration for our local communities and environment at the heart of our business strategy.
To create a sustainable, professional and transparent community support programme, we have founded several foundations, schools and NGO`s which are registered charitable initiative. Our strategy places huge importance on creating sustainable communities that balance human development with environmental protection.

We believe in fair treatment of our staff – this means excellent service and a good team spirit on a safari or trekking trip. Most of our reservations and operational staff have been with the company for years and sales staff regularly travels in Tanzania to experience new areas or accommodation options.

Trekking porters are paid fair remunerations and receive nourishing meals and adequate gear while on mountain treks.

Our safari and mountain guides were all born and raised in East Africa and have excellent guiding skills. Regular internal and external training courses ensure a high level of customer care. These courses include first-aid-trainings, language courses, guiding skills and specific oxygen trainings for mountain guides.

As a tour company based in East Africa we naturally see the environment as our most precious asset and try to keep our impact as slight as possible. Our driver guides follow strict rules to avoid disturbance of wildlife or damaging the nature (e.g. by driving off road inside the national parks). We have implemented several initiatives to reduce our waste and CO₂ emissions. This includes recycling water bottles and using LPG gas and bio waste briquettes for cooking.

Caring for the environment also means working against poaching. We support the local schools with funds and educational trips to neighbouring National Parks and demonstrate the importance of an intact environment and the career prospects it can offer.

For more information on how you can become involved with responsible tourism, or conservation, do contact us.